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Rebellious and Subtle Luxury, Oasis Colour Trends 2018
The colour trends for coming seasons are a bold mix between rebellious, subtle luxury and togetherness. Creating palettes of daring accents, grounded hues and details in silver and gold. ASSEMBLING COLOUR trends for tomorrow might seem like guesswork, but really it is all about having a sense of today… TO FORECAST A TREND it is important to understand that trend drivers are a consequence of the stories that different parts of the world are telling.
For the last few years the world has focused on Europe, the USA, the Middle East and China, where independence movements have changed our way of living, turning it into a serious struggle for some parts of the world. This has triggered a rebellious reaction amongst us where we once wanted to escape, and disconnect ourselves in a fantasy world far away – we are now facing reality and doing the best we can to make life beautiful.
Dark and Cold Meet Colourful and Warm, Colour Trends 2016+
THE WORLD TODAY is all about controversies. Opinions, feelings and trends are clashing in our quest for being perfectly present, and at the same time far away. Increased urban living, exploding populations and stressful lives trigger, more than ever, the need for escapism into nature. We invite nature into our lives, literally and also mentally…
THE SEARCH FOR spirituality has grown over time and we are now looking at places that we know exist, but are as yet unexplored. Thanks to social media, global influences reach us all. The more global we become, the more we crave local belonging - a controversy where national pride within us is triggered by globalisation.
Embracing Our Modern World, Colour Trends 2015
Nature remains a constant theme in the design world and for 2015 we explore its ability to take over, needing little interference to survive. As a result, the boundaries begin to blur between the natural and man-made, influencing enchanting yet familiar colour palettes that enhance a comforting mood.
Experience becomes integral to the success of a product, with consumers looking for greater interaction with their surroundings. In response, the psychological aspects of colour and materials become key with designers celebrating their powerful ability to stir excitement and spark conversation.

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