Oasis range of paints and coatings offer an exciting business opportunity for dealers
Oasis for dealer trade

A new brand, presents new opportunities. Brand Oasis offers an excellent opportunity to exclusive paint dealers and multi brand stockists. With a premium range offering coupled with a very competitive pricing structure, Oasis paints assist significantly in improving business returns for any dealer.

Easy availability, quick service, sound technical inputs and modern tinting system provide a wholesome business opportunity to enterprising traders for excellent revenue streams.

Dealership network
Become a Dealer

Offer your customers the best paint experience with Oasis by joining our exclusive network of authorized dealers. Benefit from our easy-to-install tinting machines that deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Product range

A comprehensive range of stuccos, primers, emulsions, enamels and thinners available in thousands of colours, shades, finishes and textures to transform your house into a home.

In addition to the above, the Commercial range also includes tough coatings like anti carbonation coatings, epoxies, urethanes for surfaces exposed to external weathering in public structures and utilities.

Brand Oasis provides tailor made coatings for ancillary installations like port-a-cabins, transformers, scaffolding etc. by closely working with customers on their shop floor and customizing it to suit individual settings.

A complete range of robust coatings that are painted to last for industries like oil & gas, steel, heavy industries etc. certified by international testing agencies are available.

Wooden assets (furniture, wardrobe, kitchen cabinets etc.) unless coated with appropriate coatings deteriorate over a period of time. Oasis' wood range is tough and resistant to multiple contaminants like oil, grease, food stuff and helps maintain the original look and feel of the wooden substrates.

Oasis Colour Lounge

Your home colours reflect your personality. Choosing colours, finishes, textures that are in sync with your coordinates like furniture, curtains, paintings, artefacts et al requires an artistic and expert assistance.

Oasis Colour Lounge with its aesthetically designed showroom, expert Colour Consultant, sophisticated tinting system to mix and match the exact shade as well as an application team to take over the painting activity is just the solution which clients require.

Oasis Assist

Oasis Assist gives ground support to  dealers for generating demand through focused activities like Painters meet, In shop branding and prompt tech support for tinting machines. The sales team proactively looks at routing business through dealers by providing important leads and contacts on local projects that are being developed near dealer outlets. Contact us now to learn more about Oasis Assist.

Tinting Services
Computerized tinting machines are synchronised with all the product formulations so that the required shade is accurately matched at the dealers counter. Easy to use and maintain, these tinters have different schemes available for the potential dealer to pick and choose. Full-time technical support engineers are also available.
Colour Consultancy
Every discernible property owner desires to have an individual identity associated with their property. The overall feel needs a balanced approach which is possible only when expertise is available. AGP has an in-house Colour Consultant providing guidance to get the maximum effect from the Oasis Colour Spectrum.
Request for Mockups
This service is available for conducting actual trials on the site (applying a sample patch on the wall) to finalize the choice. Alternatively sample panels can also be forwarded for approvals. And in case of large project free mocks ups can also be considered for getting the brand and product specified.
Painter Meets
Events hosted by AGP for product portfolio introductions, new product launches for group of painters attached to AGP’s important dealers for providing assurance and support to the painting fraternity.
Painter Training Programs
Oasis Assist includes a focused training capsule developed for training painters sourced by dealers (such as in house application teams for contractors) and paint applicators. These personnel are trained on how to correctly use/apply paints and coatings including the most important area of surface preparation.

Oasis Tools

Painting is not a Do It Yourself (DIY) process in the Middle East. Oasis Tools deconstructs this activity making it a user-friendly process with respect to choice of colour and paints, budget estimates and application support.


TruColour e-Painter

Our Oasis TruColour e-Painter gives customers a chance to mix and match any colour, any shade within any space to create their own masterpiece.

Colour Trends

Colour Trends

Colours trends keep evolving every year. Oasis Colour trends helps our clients keep in touch with the changing trends internationally.

Quantity Calculator

Quantity Calculator

Oasis Quantity Calculator simplifies budgeting for paint. It is a ready reckoner which offers advice on the amount of paint required for walls and structures.

Oasis Product Range & Colour Spectrum

Oasis Fan Deck combines the best of NCS & BS shades to provide a spectrum of colours that can match any colour or shade. Each colour family provides an exhaustive range from the lightest to the darkest possible shade.

Designed by NCS (Denmark) they represent the most commonly sought after shades. This is an able support tool for home owners, interior designers, architects, creative artists and fit out specialists while choosing the desired shade.

The entire range of colours present in the Fan Deck can be tinted to the exact shade by using the computerized Oasis Tinting machine with minimum effort.

Our New Offering: Oasis Wood Coatings
Listen to your wooden assets speak to you. Preserve your wood for good – Use Truwood coatings!

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