Architectural Coatings

Decorate your property for an artistic finish. Oasis Coatings – an architect and homeowners delight.
Protection & Aesthetics

Oasis premium range of Architectural Coatings is amongst the best available in the UAE. The portfolio covers a wide spectrum of decorative and architectural coatings. A combination of robust technology, sound quality control systems and processes ensures that Oasis coatings meet the stringent performance parameters of protection and aesthetics for concrete assets. Suitable for commercial and residential spaces, the coatings add a depth of richness to wall surfaces to reveal subtle textures and tones. An ideal choice for areas where aesthetics are as important as practicality. The internal range offers super-premium to more affordable coatings for different applications with maximum “problem free” performance.

The External range formulations provide optimum protection from the harsh external environment such as UV rays, sandstorms, unseasonal rains and extreme heat. These are available in both smooth and textured finishes.The special livery created for Brand Oasis coatings are a worthy addition on any dealer’s shelf and are sure to capture instant attention. Available in over 5,000 shades and standard pack sizes of 1 USG, 5 USG and smaller packs of 1 litre the coatings’ live up to the signature line – “True to Colours.”

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