Industrial Coatings

Wide range of general industrial coatings and high-performance protective coatings that offer total system solutions on all types of primers, mid or tie coats and top coats of epoxies, urethanes and more.
Efficient Industrial Paint systems
Oasis Industrial Coatings are classified into two distinct ranges. General Industrial Coatings and High Performance Protective Coatings or Heavy-Duty Coatings. While the GI range caters primarily to industries such as pre-engineered buildings (PEB’s), port-a-cabins, drums and barrels, scaffolding, fabrications etc., the HPC range has been designed specifically the oil & gas and other heavy industries requirements. In regard to the HPC range the newly developed products are under testing and will soon be available with updated certifications from NORSOK, IMO as well as MIL standards.
Both the ranges have a wide portfolio and offer all types of primers, mid or tie coats and top coats of epoxies and urethanes. Of special mention is the fact that in the GI segment, AGP provides live, onsite technical support by recommending, conducting machine trials, stabilizing the coating parameters for a trouble free performance. Customers like Zamil, Mammut, Federal Transformers, Balmer Lawrie etc. have contracted a bulk of their requirements to Oasis coatings based on the superb and timely tech support provided on an ongoing basis.
Oasis Assist

For Protective & General Industrial Coatings: 
Customised support in choosing the correct system for the proposed corrosion protection coating. Developing the entire system of Primers, Intermediate coats and Top coats based on the performance levels desired. The tech team provides additional support in terms of inspection, trouble shooting at site during maintenance shut downs, arranging third party testing if desired as well as application training and guidance to the customer’s application team should it be required. Mock ups on site and weathered panels are also available on request.  


For Wood Coatings:
Close coordination with application teams at the customer’s end (joineries) during manual or machine trials to ensure correct parameters are followed, including techniques with respect to proper surface preparation,drying intervals and film thickness, Colour/Stain  which play a very important role for getting the desired finish. Providing liquid samples for mock ups and panels for actual look and feel is part of the regular support available.

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Approved applicators
Oasis has a dedicated, trained and certified team of applicators who have been using the Oasis range successfully over the years. They ensure quality and error-free application. AGP can also provide an interface for customers who require suggestions and advice on the choice of the applicator, on demand.
Product trials
This service is available for conducting actual trials on the site (applying a sample patch on the wall) to finalize the choice. Alternatively sample panels can also be forwarded for approvals. In case of large project tenders, free mocks ups can also be considered.
Technical evaluation
It is imperative that the correct kind of coating is used and equally important is the application technique. AGP’s technical team plays a very crucial role by visiting the client’s site, undertaking a surface audit, providing technical recommendations, training painters on site as well as trouble shooting which includes offering solutions in case of incorrect application.

Oasis Tools

Painting is not a Do It Yourself (DIY) process in the Middle East. Oasis Tools deconstructs this activity making it a user-friendly process with respect to choice of colour and paints, budget estimates and application support.


TruColour e-Painter

Our Oasis TruColour e-Painter gives customers a chance to mix and match any colour, any shade within any space to create their own masterpiece.

Colour Trends

Colour Trends

Colours trends keep evolving every year. Oasis Colour trends helps our clients keep in touch with the changing trends internationally.

Quantity Calculator

Quantity Calculator

Oasis Quantity Calculator simplifies budgeting for paint. It is a ready reckoner which offers advice on the amount of paint required for walls and structures.

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